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Business Management Services
Business Management Services and the Innovation Support Program is your gateway into NINT’s R&D expertise, services and facilities.

This specialist team will work closely with you to establish mutual research ventures and will help foster connections with commercialization and funding partners who can contribute to your success in the marketplace.

Working together
We can connect you with TEC Edmonton where they can help you manage commercialization, secure investment or start a new company.
The National Research Council (National Research Council’s) Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) is Canada’s premier innovation and funding assistance program for small and medium-sized enterprises. IRAP is a cornerstone in Canada’s innovation system and is globally recognized as one of the best programs of its kind.
NRC’s National Science Library is another invaluable resource from the National Research Council. As Canada’s national science library, it provides our research and innovation community with tools for accelerated discovery, innovation and commercialization.
NINT has an established nanotech partner cluster that includes: University of Alberta, National Research Council, Government of Alberta, as well as more than 24 established and early-stage small tech companies and many other local, national and international partners.
Successful collaborations
During the last decade, we have undertaken many collaborative ventures with partners in various sectors.

We have enjoyed working with several industrial partners. As examples, a selection of partners are listed below:

Hitachi High Technologies,
Acoustic Vision Technologies Inc.,
CBF Systems Inc.,
ChemRoutes Corporation,
KMT Hepatech Inc.,
Intelligent Nano Inc.,
Smile Sonica Inc.,
Alberta Research Chemicals Inc.,
Xerox XRCC and
Preciseley Microtechnology Corp.