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pectroscopy Instruments
Agilent 8453 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Wavelength: 190-1100 nm
Temperature range (10-110° C)
Quantitative analysis for UV-Vis absorbing materials
Perkin Elmer Lamda 1050 UV-Vis –NIR Spectrophotometer

Wavelength range 185 nm – 3300 nm
Photometric Range: 0.0002- 8 AU
Liquid and solid samples measuring capabilities
150 mm Integrating Sphere (Total Diffuse Reflectance)
Triple detector module
Peltier System, temperature range 5 to 100°C
Varian FTS 7000 FT-IR Imaging System

DTGS detector for bulk sample measurement
Single element MCT and FPA MCT detectors (Focal Plane Array) (64×64, takes 4096 spectra at the same time over 350×350 micron area)
Covers 5000 cm-1 to 950 cm-1 for MCT detectors
Grazing angle objective and 36x Cassegrain objective
Thermo Nicolet Almega XR Raman Microscope

A confocal Raman microscope
10x, 20x, 50x and 100x objectives
532 nm and 785 nm lasers with CCD detector
Microscope stage resolution of 0.1 micron
Jasco J-810 Circular Dichroism Chiroptical Spectrometer

CD/ORD spectra for optically-active compounds
Temperature range: -4 to 110 °C
Protein folding studies
Protein conformational studies
Organic stereochemistry studies
Purity testing of optically active substances
Wavelength range 163 nm to 1100 nm
SFM-20 Jasco/Bio-logic 2-syringe stopped-flow system
PTI QM40 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Wavelength range: 185-900 nm
Sample volume: 45 uL to 3
Temperature: -40 to 105 °C
Bandpass 0 to 32 nm
Signal to noise ratio 10, 000 :1 or better (350nm excitation, 5 nm spectral bandpass, 1s integration time)
Detection limit: 460 attomolar of fluorescein solution at 0.1 M NaOH
Analytical Instruments
Agilent 1100 HPLC

Diode array detector (DAD) and Sedex model 75 evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD)
Separation, quantification of non-volatile organic compounds
Agilent 1100 HPLC

Diode array detector (DAD) and Fluorescence detector
Separation, quantification of non-volatile organic compounds
Agilent 1100 LC/MS (SL)

Single quadrupole mass analyzer
API-ESI and APCI ionization sources
Mass range (m/z) up to 3000
Non-volatile organics, peptide, protein analysis
Deconvolution software
Agilent 6890N GC/5973 MSD

Single quadrupole mass analyzer
Electron impact (EI) and chemical ionization (CI) sources
Mass range (m/z) up to 800
Molecular weight determination
Identification and quantification of volatile organics
Agilent 6890N GC

Flame ionization detector (FID)
Quantification of volatile organic compounds
Other Instruments
Malvern Zetasizer Nano-ZS

Particle size distribution measurement (0.6 nm to 6 micron)
Zeta potential measurement
Molecular weight measurement (1×10ˆ3 to 2×10ˆ7 Da)
Temperature range of 2 to 90°C
Brookhaven BI-200SM Multi-angle Light Scattering System

Both dynamic light scattering (DLS) and static light scattering (SLS)
Angular range: 8-155 º
He/Ne laser (632.8 nm)
Highly efficient BI9000 AT autocorrelator containing 522 selectable channels
Measurements of particle size and size distribution
Mw, Rg, A2 for dilute polymer solutions
CONTIN, Zimm, Guinier and Fractal analysis
TA Q50 TGA Analyzer

Temperature range: ambient to 1000 °C
Maximum weight: 1g
Weight Sensitivity: 0.1µg
Controlled heating rate: 0.1 to 100 °C/min
Auto gas switch feature