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Opened in 2006 and located in the basement level, our Cleanroom Facility offers a pristine and controlled research environment.

The space

We have a variety of cleanrooms available including:

  • 330 m2 of ISO Class 6 (1,000) area
  • 115 m2 of ISO Class 7 (10,000) facility
  • 50m2 Level 2 Biohazard space

Our Class 6 cleanroom is a  modified ‘ballroom’ layout and is broken into eight separate bays with a central corridor and a service chase around the perimeter.

We have optimized functionality and maximized space by running all utilities either under the floor or through portholes in the end walls.

The NINT Cleanroom(s) are tightly monitored and controlled environments suitable for a wide range of manufacturing and research projects

Additional 325 m2 of Space for future development as cleanroom(s) or lab space.

Also available an additional 100m2of Level 2 biohazard Space for future development


An underfloor network provides cleanroom users access to LN2, Compressed Air and house vacuum.

The Cleanroom also provides users access to a state of the art Electronic Grade Di water system. Our RO plant is capable of producing 9.1gpm of Di water which is supplied to the cleanroom at a rate of 60gpm at 105psi. All wet processing equipment in the cleanroom uses this Di water to ensure client samples only come in contact with UPW.

Due to the nature of the research done in the cleanroom we are required to house several Toxic and Flammable Gases, so we have designed and implemented an intricate storage, delivery, monitoring and testing system to ensure clients safety.

Originally designed as a semiconductor facility, our capabilities have continued to evolve in order to better complement the current toolset at the University of Alberta’s Nanofab. This allows users of both facilities to benefit from more diversified resources including:

  • Deposition Tools
  • Dry Etch
  • Wet Etch
  • Lithography
  • Metrology
  • Assembly