Laser Safety

Laser Safety at NINT

All persons who have access to a lab containing potentially hazardous lasers must complete a laser safety document and training confirmation form.

The Laser Safety Training Form is here.

The U of A Laser Safety Manual, which NINT has adopted, contains information relevant to persons who work with or near lasers is here.

The NRC Directive on Laser Safety is here.

A link to a training video that all persons who access labs containing potentially hazardous lasers should watch is here.

Each user accessing a lab containing a laser designated with hazard potential must review the linked laser safety documents, watch the linked coherent laser safety video, and complete a laser safety and training verification form. The completed form must be given to a NINT laser safety officer listed below. If further information is requested, please contact one of the LSOs listed below.

Adam Bergren

Miroslav Belov