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Our Vision

NINT will be a global leader in nanotechnology recognized for its people, partnerships and performance in creating Canadian prosperity through responsible deployment of nanotechnologies.

Our Mission

To transform nanoscience ideas into novel, sustainable nanotechnology solutions with socioeconomic benefits for Canada and Alberta.

Our Goals

We will:

  1. Increase the competitiveness of Canadian companies
  2. Create technology solutions to meet the needs of society
  3. Expand transformative programs to train the next generation of researchers and entrepreneurs
  4. Enhance our stature as global leaders in research and technology

Our Value Proposition

NINT is driving the adoption of nanotechnologies by Canadian industry through our multi-disciplinary collaborative model:

NINT supports interdisciplinary collaboration in strategically important areas of nanotechnology by creating a unique environment that merges the best of the university knowledge creation culture with the best of the strategic and focused problem solving culture of a national laboratory to ensure responsible and effective introduction of nanotechnology to the benefit of Canada.

Our Values

We uses our passion for innovation and creativity to provide a collaborative working and learning experience in support of its clients and stakeholders.

We will anticipate the next wave that will ensure their success and growth and demonstrating the agility to respond to opportunities and the courage to focus and re-direct its activities.

We will deliver within a framework of integrity, reliability, responsibility and accountability.

What defines us:

Partnership in translating knowledge creation to applications for industry

  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Effective support to industry’s needs
  • Development and deployment of nanotechnology solutions
  • Internationally recognized research and development, tools development
  • Creative training programs in nanoscience and nanotechnology

How we work:

Interdisciplinary approach

  • Working at the convergence of disciplines
  • Encouraging collaborations and partnerships
  • Leveraging complementary skills and core competencies within the ecosystem
  • Addressing common challenges

What we focus on:

Research, training and technology development

  • Strategic R&D that address stakeholders’ priorities
  • Technical services that are tailored to our clients’ needs
  • Environmental Health and Safety practices to enable nanotechnology development and deployment
  • Longer term research that supports the emergence of nanotechnologies in the marketplace
  • Innovative undergraduate and graduate training programs in nanoscience and nanotechnology

What we strive for:

Global impact

  • Global competitiveness of Canadian industry
  • Rapid technology transfer for commercialization in a global economy
  • Improving the quality of life of Canadians and by extension that of the other citizens of the planet
  • Tackling global challenges

Past – Knowledge Leadership

The collaborative venture that brought the Government of Canada, the Government of Alberta, the National Research Council (National Research Council), the University of Alberta and the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT) together has successfully established a world-class facility, attracted top talent and launched Canada as a nanotechnology leader.

In the last decade, NINT has leveraged its interdisciplinary team to reveal the unique nanoscale properties of engineered materials and nature’s own biological resources and to understand potential applications.

Whether it is nano-inks for electronics or biomarkers for drug screening, NINT has established a solid reputation for quality research, breakthrough technology and product innovation.

Present – Innovative Partnerships

NINT continues to draw on the creativity and competitive spirit of a university research environment and the strategic and focused research and development activities of a national research laboratory.

Our institute secures an annual investment of $24M from federal, provincial and private sector sources and is home to 325 research and 26 administrative staff.

We are a principal nanotechnology player in the Canadian R&D community as well as the global marketplace.  As the National Research Council’s flagship institute devoted to nanotechnology R&D, NINT brings together various nanotechnology players and creates a unique forum for learning and partnership.

We work closely with clients and stakeholders to ensure our facilities support growth and that we are continually championing the development of next generation products. By linking training, knowledge creation and application, NINT is shaping technologies for a new era.

Future – Product Leadership

We recognize the importance of anticipating future needs and the value of setting strategic research priorities that position our partners at the forefront of their industry.

We are eager to support existing industries to introduce new products and services, to work alongside start-up companies to turn prototypes into marketable goods, and to attract new firms to Canada and Alberta.