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Metabolomic Sensor Systems
The University of Alberta is a Canadian leader in metabolomics research. Staff at NINT laboratories have been studying chemical processes involving metabolites for nearly a decade and continue to make great progress.

Through metabolic profiling, we are able to gain an instantaneous snapshot of the physiology of specific cells. Metabolites can:

signal minute mutations in genes or proteins
monitor or measure physiological changes occurring as a result of small changes in the environment, and
report drug-related allergies.
The importance of metabolomics rests in its role as canary of the genome with a potentially significant impact on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and monitoring of genetic, environmental or infectious diseases.

Metabolomics is pertinent to numerous Canadian companies across industrial sectors that need to understand the interplay between biologically derived organic chemicals. There is tremendous potential for advances in pharmacology, pre-clinical drug trials, toxicology, transplant monitoring, newborn screening and clinical chemistry.

The Opportunity
We are on the cusp of capturing significant market share in this emerging field. Our pre-eminent research coupled with the presence of several multinationals means that Canada is ideally positioned for success.
Potential customers for metabolomics-based sensing systems include:

major pharmaceutical companies,
contract research organizations,
veterinary and petrochemical industries,
local and regional startup companies focused in metabolomics,
major analytical firms and government departments and agencies.
NINT Researchers in Nanoscale Electronics

Prasanna Bhomkar
Ken Bosnick
Jie Chen
Rongbing Du
Sergey Gusarov
Jed Harrison
Wayne Hiebert
Alexander Kobryn
Andriy Kovalenko
Mark McDermott
Larry Unsworth
David Wishart
Michael Woodside
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