Our Programs

NRC_2196Small science. Big impact.

Covering the entire research and innovation spectrum, our research integrates basic discovery with opportunities and challenges from external partners.

Each research program benefits from multi-disciplinary expertise shared across our program areas:

  1. Hybrid NanoElectronics provide revolutionary electronic functions that may be utilized by industry through creating circuits that operate using mechanisms unique to the nanoscale. This may include functions that are not possible with conventional circuitry to provide smaller, faster and more energy-efficient components, and extend the development of electronics beyond the end of the roadmap.
  2. Energy Generation and Storage advances are paramount if we are to keep pace with increasing global requirements. Innovative technologies are propelling energy capture, storage and recovery to a new level resulting in more reliable and secure electricity infrastructure and novel renewable power storage systems including electrochemical supercapacitors.
  3. Nano-enabled Bio-Materials provide a unique opportunity to reduce our global dependence on and use of fossil fuels. Replacing non-renewable petroleum feedstock with biomass will enhance the production of many commonly used materials and products.
  4. Metabolomics Sensor Systems brings tremendous potential for advances in pharmacology, pre-clinical drug trials, toxicology, transplant monitoring, newborn screening and clinical chemistry.
  5. Innovation Support encompasses the multi-faceted, multi-project activities and relationships of NINT with regional, national and international private and public companies, and public sector agencies.