Energy Generation & Storage

As global energy needs grow, so too does the demand for accelerated innovation in the energy sector.

While the sun has the scalable renewable energy required to satisfy increasing world needs, the challenge is capturing and transforming this sustainable energy into useable power in conjunction with cost efficient storage technologies.

With nanoscale engineering we can combine next generation solar generating capacity with novel storage solutions.  This will allow us to:

  • move remote communities onto local, renewable power systems,
  • reduce Canada’s overall carbon footprint, and
  • reduce the reliance on conventional energy sources .

In the last few decades, great progress has been made towards decreasing energy consumption and improving conservation.  Nanotechnology builds on this momentum and delivers solutions for the future.

The Opportunity

When it comes to renewable power storage devices, electrochemical supercapacitors have key advantages over traditional batteries. Supercapacitors boast significantly higher power density and have the potential ability to operate in greater temperatures ranges.

While high cost and lower energy density have prevented supercapacitors from achieving full market success in the past, the large-scale market is now experiencing rapid growth thanks to emerging applications that compete with and complement batteries and internal combustion engines.

At NINT we have been closely monitoring the market and targeting our research appropriately.

We are ready to support our partners in the development of technologies for:

  • off-grid remote power
  • batteries capable of operating at high temperature, and
  • low cost supercapacitors with a wide operating temperature range.

NINT researchers in the Energy Generation and Storage Program

For more information about our Energy Generation and Storage Program, please contact:

Dr. Mike Fleischauer
Program Coordinator
Energy Generation and Storage Program
Phone: 780-641-1762